American Car Brands

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American car brands

American Car BrandsThe nation of free people, United States of America has been a mastermind and a great player in various industries. One of the most active economy it has established a niche in various scenarios. It is till date the world’s largest economy which is striving hard in various fields. The automobile industry of America has been a great parameter in the creation of the world’s largest economy.

The industry at a glance:

The American car brands have been working hard to provide the world with exquisite cars both luxury and budget-friendly. The American automobile industry is crowned as the second largest in the world. American cars are produced in the whooping amount of 8 to 10 million. The reasons behind a large market for American cars are:

  • Production at a mass level
  • Great demand in the domestic market

Development of American car brands:

American car brands have gained popularity due to various reasons. In 1950s, the American cars produced satisfied a large amount of population. World war two was of a help to the American automobile Industry. It helped in prospering the industry which flourished during 1930s. Before 1920 American car brands and manufacturers were high in number but soon only three major players started dominating the market. The pace of production of American Cars slowed down in 1980 because of rising foreign companies. Yet in 2008 it started to regain its share in market.

American Cars : The major players

The American automotive industry is dominated by three players since 1930. Most companies there are in some way related to these three companies. Together the three companies are known as Big C. These are:

  • Ford Motor Company: headquarters in Michigan, this company has been a huge producer of cars at the multinational levels. It was founded by Henry Ford.
  • General Motors: having headquarters in Michigan, this company produces cars under 13 brands and in around 37 countries. It was laid down by William Durant.
  • Chrysler: this multinational company was founded by an ex-engineer of General Motors named Walter Chrysler. It is also headquartered in Michigan.

Together these three make up the active automobile industry of America.


Cars produced by American industry are widely used in various nations. “General motors” has a strategy of providing cars outside US. It works more at the international level. The manner in which it gained market share after crisis of 1980 is regarded phenomenal. What it now requires is more hard work and efforts. Consistent efforts can make American Industry to top the charts of automobile production. Yet it is Japan which tops the list of automobile producers presently. Its production of cars is very high and the same is the demand.