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British Car Brands

british car brandsBritish cars manufacturers are known worldwide for the excellence they provide in the making and efficiency of cars. British sport cars are a symbol of pride for United Kingdom. They hold a significant place in the car racing industry. Very soon, British car brands have been able to enter Indian market as well. For example: Nissan, Ford and Toyota. Apart from this, Jaguar, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce are some of the worldwide famous British car brands. No one can ever take their eyes off these super good-looking cars. They are not only glamorous looking because when it comes to efficiency, there are the best British cars anyone can ever dream of driving.

British Cars


The roots of British cars industry lie in the 19th century. By late 1950s British manufacturers made their position as the second-largest manufacturer in the world. Not only this, Britain also stood as one of the largest exporter.  But soon it lost its position to number twelve by the year 2008. It faced a tough competition from car companies of France, Germany and Japan. All this lead to the ownership of British car brands by foreign companies like:

  • BMW: Mini and Rolls-Royce marquees come under BMW company.
  • Bentley is owned by Volkswagen group.
  • Jaguar and Land Rover have been taken up by the big TATA company.

Present scenario of British cars:

  • In the first month of 2011 BMW launched two new sports crossover vehicles based on the concept of Mini Paceman Thereafter, in 2012, soon it came up with the Roadster car.
  • March 2011 marked the announcement of the new model of Range Rover car by Jaguar Land Rover. The company spent a huge amount by signing over £2 billion of supply contracts.British automobile industry is a bit environment friendly as well. They even thought of materializing cars that are eco-friendly.
  • In May 2011 Jaguar showcased its plans to frame the C-X75 petrol-electric hybrid super car from 2013. Although, the company had to drop its plans in December 2012 owing to global economic crisis prevailing during that time.
  • By the month of December, Toyota revealed its course of action to build the next C-segment family car by proceeding in the bank roll of over £100 million.All these new ideas and efforts put by the British car manufacturers proved out to be glorious for their growth. They completely surpassed the side-effects of economic crisis faced at a global level.

    On an approximation, over 1.28 million numbers of cars were sold during the year 2014, a certain growth that this industry had not seen in the past nine years, making them the best sellers. This made the industry’s graph to rise by ten percent compared to the year 2013. Year 2104 proved out to be very lucky for the British automobile industry.