European Car Brands

The car market of Europe at a glance

The car market in Europe has been growing extensively, Europe being a huge continent has various countries producing automobiles. Italy, France and Germany are the some significant producers of European Cars.

European Cars & European Car Brands

German car brands/industry:

European Car BrandsMost people when talk about European car brands, German cars is the first thing to be talked about. German industry provides a count of six million cars to the world every year. As mentioned already it is at the position fourth in the total production of vehicles. Volkswagen, a German car company is also named amongst the three major automobile producing companies of the World. German cars are an excellent example of well- built European cars.

Italian car brands/industry:

When a person wants stylish European cars, he often ends up buying Italian cars. The cars produced in Italy as already mentioned earlier are fancy and magnificent. The cars produced are made more for specific purposes than for general purpose. The automobile industry in Italy is fully dominated by the company Fiat. This multinational company is the seventh largest producer of automobiles in the world. Most Italian cars are beautifully crafted and have great exteriors as compared to performance.

French car brands/industry:

The French automotive industry is ranked as third in Europe and it is ranked as tenth largest in the world. French car brands have been flourishing since a large amount of time. French industry of automobiles produces around 6.4 million cars per year. Being small in size French industry has few players who produce automobiles at the national and international level. Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën are the major players in France.

The French automobile biz is positioned as 3rd in European nation and it is ranked as tenth largest in the globe. French car brands have been thriving since a large amount of time.

Features of European cars:

  • Exuberant looks:
    European car brands are primarily concerned about the car’s looks. The exterior parts of the cars are perfect; they have a beautiful color and an eye-catching body. They are so effectively made that they look as if nature made them and not man.
  • Fewer speed limits:
    European cars have a low speed limit and can drive at a fast speed.
  • Smaller size:
    The cars made in Europe are small and stylish. They do not have extensive space. They are made to suit people with lean body structures.
  • Easy to handle:
    It is far easier to handle a car made in Europe because it does not start shaking or rattling with speed.
  • Less safety features:
    As compared to other cars like American cars, these cars don’t have massive safety structures. They do not have much in investment when it comes to safety features.
  • More life:
    European car brands do not use plastic on the body of the cars. Also a large amount of consideration is made on the looks. Thus a car made in Europe has a larger life.

Thus if a person needs a fancy compact car, the first choice is to buy a European car.