French Car Brands

French cars

& the scope of their market:

French car brandsFrance is more than just a fancy tourist place. No doubt it is the most visited country in the world yet its tourism is not the only parameter of its success. French cars have been beautifully crafted keeping in mind the sensitive approach of French people towards things. French car brands are high in numbers since a long time.

French cars:


French car brands have been flourishing since a large amount of time. French industry of automobiles produces around 6.4 million cars per year. It is also appreciated for providing to 400000 people. The French automotive industry is ranked as third in Europe and it is ranked as tenth largest in the world. Various French car brands have won many awards. World car of the year award is a part of this list of awards.

History of French automotive industry:

The first car in France was produced in 1891 by Pan hard ET Levassor a brand established in 1887. The first car was sold in 1897 by Renault brothers. 1903 was a golden year for French cars and their production. It was France which remained as the top producer of automobiles in world in 1903. Soon in 1930 it lost its place as the top producer of cars to Britain. With passage of time various companies of other countries started overtaking companies in France. Still those companies have a share in French market. This made France go down to the tenth level in list of World automotive manufacturers.

Major players:

Being small in size French industry has few players who produce automobiles at the national and international level. There are two major producers of cars native to France:

• PSA Peugeot Citroën:

This multinational company has stood its headquarters in Paris and it produces cars under three brands. At the international level it stands ninth on the production of cars by units.

• Renault:

Having headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt this company produces automobiles internationally established in 1899 by Louis Renault.
These two make up the native French automotive industry. Both are working hard to move up the list of world manufacturers.


French market does require building a healthy relationship with the native companies to thrive in to become the top manufacturers of the world. Being a populous state it is a good market of cars. For the native industry to top charts a long and consistent effort is required. It is presently at the tenth level and has to fight with tough competitors. The Renault Company works basically to provide cars to native areas. It is the other player which is trying hard in the foreign market. Being only two in numbers it gets a tough competition from other countries that have three to five major players in the market. Thus it needs support from government to establish itself.