German Car Brands

German Car Brands:

Which have given some of the most sophisticated cars to the world

German Car BrandsThe German automobiles are quite popular as they can be easily found in all the parts of the world. The automobile industry of Germany earns the annual profit of about size million which makes it definitely a leader in the industry of car manufacturer of Europe. History of German cars is quite rich. Having produced a number of German cars, Germany is known to be the birth place of automobiles. Today, Germany manufactures the best automobiles in the world. German Car Brands produce high end cars consistently with the latest and the greatest technologies, wonderful speed and durability. But German Car Brands are known for their focus on detailing as well as their passion towards cars making.

German Car Brands


Audi is one of the best German Car Brands with its concentration on manufacturing luxury automobiles. Originated in the year 1909, this brand offers a lot of cars from small cars to large cars.

Mercedes Benz

This is another German car brand which tops the list of German cars. It is a recognized brand of cars of the world. It manufactures not just cars but even trucks and buses which are best if their category. It has gained a lot of fame because of its durability, high quality and consistent innovations.


BMW is a major part of the Big 3 of Germany. Headquartered in Munich, this German brand has been recognized all throughout the world since its 1st BMW came in the market. It produces a number of luxury automobiles including racing cars. The brand has introduced Roll Royce and Mini with an aim of setting its sight on premium segment of the society in the global market.


Popularly known as the car of the people, which is also the meaning of the brand name, Volkswagen is a car manufacturer which is popular for manufacturing quality- specific cars which are admired all throughout the world. It was founded in the year 1937 by Porsche who invented the very famous Beetle for the Government of Germany. The headquarters of the brand are situated in Wolfsburg and manufactures a huge range of cars. Volkswagen’s Beetle has helped Volkswagen become the favorite of everyone in the world. It is a very successful group which has given SEAT, Rolls Royce, Skoda, Bentley, Bugati and Lamborghini to the world.


 Even though all the above mentioned German brands of cars are there on the list of manufacturing high end luxury automobiles, this brand is a brand which manufactures only sports car. The German car brand was founded in the year 1931 in Stuttgart by Ferdinand Porsche. It is known for producing quality sports vehicles which are still quite popular amongst the car enthusiasts. Sports car mean fast car which means Porsche manufactures the fastest cars of the world which give incredibly good performances. The brand is known for its commitment.