Italian Car Brands

Learning about Italian car brands

Italian Car Brands Italian republic is often named as one of the most crowded countries in the world. The automobile industry here has been thriving and is trying to establish a position in the international market. Italian cars brands focus on production of fancy cars that are either super cars or sports cars. The cars produced in Italy have a significant say in the European market and also in the foreign market. These Italian car brands are said to have employed more than 250000 people. This industry has a significant share of around 8.5% in the GDP of Italy.

Features of Italian cars

The cars produced in Italy as already mentioned earlier are fancy and magnificent. The cars produced are made more for specific purposes than for general purpose. The basic features or characteristics of Italian cars are:

  • Beautiful designs: Italian cars are known for beautiful exteriors which are crafted with prior research. An Italian car is the most beautiful car in the world.
  • Much investment: the investment is made high on Italian cars because of their expensive nature. Being crafted in beautiful manner, they are quite costly and expensive.
  • Proper safety features: the safety features in Italian car brands may not be very advance but yet they are very much available in most cars of this country.
  • More focus on designer exteriors: as already mentioned the cars here are made keeping in mind the exteriors. Thus a large amount of investment is made on the designer exteriors.
  • Production made up by Sports and supercars: most sports cars available are said to be Italian cars. The reason is the strategy of companies here to produce super and sports cars.

Major native Italian brands:

The Italian brand which has taken the world by storm is Fiat. The automobile industry here is fully dominated by the company Fiat. This multinational company is the seventh largest producer of automobiles in the world. Its headquarters are established at London and it is mostly called the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It produces cars under several brands like Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Alfa Romeo etc. the fiat company made a venture with Chrysler in 2009.

Brief history of Italian cars:

Welleyes motor car was the first car produced in Italy. The industry in Italy has many automobile producing brands. These brands made and sold automobiles in the native market, Italy had to undergo a tough time during the Second World War period. The world war disturbed its economy and also its industry. Thus the market started crumbling with Fiat being the dominant player. It was after 1990s that the Italian industry regained vigor and started working hard to produce vehicles.


Italy has a significant share in the foreign market with Fiat being a great player and a great investor. This industry with steady efforts can top the list of best producers in near future.