Most Reliable Car Brands

Take look at the most trustworthy car brands of the world

You must have read a lot of articles about the most reliable car brands of the world.  All these articles would give you an exhaustive list of the reliable brands of car. But this is an exclusive list which has been prepared from a number of articles on cars. Thus, it is informative and useful.

Most Reliable Car Brands


     most reliable car brands   Mazda is a brand which is known to build the most economical automobiles. This brand has expanded in the past couple of years as now they provide mid size, full- size and compact cross overs which fare well in the reviews of the cars.


most reliable car brandsIt is absolutely true that this luxury car maker has the backing of engineering of Honda. It also needs to be noted that this brand is the sole brand which has squeaked in the top most reliable car brands.


most reliable car brandsGMC is a pioneer in building high end pick-ups, cross overs and SUVs since times immemorial. This brand splits a lot of parts from Chevrolet, the repairs are not generally very expensive.


most reliable car brandsIt is not very surprising that Subaru has been included in this list. As per the auto data of Polk’s, almost 95% of this brand’s cars which have been sold in the past 10 years are still running on the roads. This is quite impressive.


most reliable car brandsNissan has been one of the most popular brands consistently but usually they are not perceived for being one of the most reliable car brands. Nissan automobiles specifically cars are amongst the most reliable cars which the users can buy.


most reliable car brandsDodge just like Chevrolet is quite popular for the pick-up which their trucks have. The resale value of pick-up of Ram is quite good. Thus the brand has made to the list of top 5 best auto-makers of the world. The users are advised to stick to the high-mileage pick-up of Ram or the Grand mini van.


most reliable car brandsUnlike all the other auto makers of America, be it Chevrolet or Dodge Ford has reliable mini trucks as well as cars. The Ford’s focus compact & Fusion’s mid size along with line up of Ford of cross overs make them one of the most reliable car brands of America.


most reliable car brandsWhile Chevrolet and Dodge are wonderful big-trucks makers, Honda pretty-much excels in everything. Apart from being a reliable car brand, Honda is also a very popular car brand. Known for making sedans, Honda has always enjoyed the largest kitty of users.


most reliable car brandsPublic has perceived that Toyota is also a very reliable auto-maker. Toyota may not have built the most attractive cars in the world, but they are definitely efficient and reliable. They produced the most cost efficient cars which are everyone’s favourite.