Muscle Cars


With a lot of revolution and innovations in the car manufacturing industry, people have almost forgotten those vintage, hippy era muscle cars. Don’t know muscle cars? Before the arrival of luxurious cars, concept cars and speed cars, they were the Adams apple of everyone’s eye. These cars were manufacture in America between 65s-80s during the oil crisis with a very cheap price tag. These cars were not fancy like today’s cars; they were more raw in design with gas based engines which were capable of generating 500 horse power. With the decreasing number, they are becoming quite an interest of antique motor collecting people. Due to this fact most of these 30-45 old cars are worth in millions. The few iconic muscle cars are Dodge charger,Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac GTO. Most of these cars had 2 doors instead of four. Sometimes ago few of American companies re-launched the modern day version of their classic muscle cars but people didn’t respond overwhelmingly and hence no one of them left a mark. That rejection showed that people still likes the classic version of these Muscle cars. Following are the five rarest classic Muscle cars in the world.



Muscle CarsThis car was exclusively manufactured in the St. Louis, Missouri factory of the company, between the period of 67-68.Intentionally developed as a professional racing car people loved it but increased emission demands forced the company to stop its production. The company produced the total of 196 cars out of which 1967s car are regarded as the rarest due to the fact

Cars available in the whole world-20(1967)


Muscle CarsThis is one of the rarest chevelle produced by Chevrolet. They were exclusively produced in 1970s. In the beginning this car was accused for being slow but later on it was discovered that they were much more capable.

Cars available in the whole world – only 20 cars are available in this whole world

Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible

Pontiac GTO Judge ConvertibleGTO which was initially developed as a modified version of tempest line became an overnight success. Its design was inspired by Ferrari 250 GTO. This line became so popular that company rolled on it in two variants – the convertibles and non convertibles. The 207 convertible cars are very exquisite and the most rarest of rare are those convertibles, which were made in 1970
Cars available in the whole world -17 convertible cars (1970) available in whole world


Muscle CarsThe thing which makes it fall on the rarest Muscle cars is lies in its engine. The all aluminum ZL-1 engine was fitted in just a few cars. Each aluminum engine car was cost $10,771 in 1969 which was quite higher than that of a regular one ($3000 more).
Cars available in the whole world -3


Muscle CarsIts listed first in the world’s rarest Muscle car. What made it rare is that, only a few convertible cars were made with powerful limited edition, hemi engines. In it the “R/T” stands for the “road and Track”
Cars available in the whole world -Only four cars were manufactured (1967/1970)