World’s Fastest Cars


The trend of owning super luxurious fast cars is increasing thanks to the high action racing films and games. This craze for super speed cars has witnessed quite a boom in past three years. Once the dream to hit 200km/h, now days it is quite normal. Today the fastest car can run on the speed of 435 km/h. The market of these fast cars is heating up, to hold the title of fastest car. These fast cars are made to limited customers in a limited quantity usually 30-50. Following are the top 5 fastest cars in the world

Fastest Cars


Fastest CarsThis car is the world’s fastest car on road. With the speed of 435 km/h, it has pushed down the Bugatti Veyron super sport, the former FASTEST CAR TITLE HOLDER to the second place. But still this car is not crowned as officially THE WORLD’S FASTEST CAR because it failed in the speed determine test. To test the car’s top speed it was taken to the kennedy space center in Florida to run on the NASA’s 3.2 mile space shuttle landing runway. Acc. to the rules set by gunnies book of world record, the car should run in two different directions but the Venom GT couldn’t run in opposite direction due to tailwinds. Hence it is not technically the world fastest car.

  • Price -$ 1.2 million
  • Availability- company will made 30 cars
  • Pickup speed 0-300 km/h-13 sec


Fastest CarsTo the many Bugatti loyalists it’s still the no 1 Fastest car in the world. Acc. to official status its top speed is 431km/h. It is holding this title since 2010 and till now it has successfully maintaining its place as the Fastest car but you can’t predict the future (Cut throat competition by Hannseesly enom GT). Since the inception of this company (in 2005), they have sold 400 different models till now.

  • Price- $ 4 million
  • Availability- Bugatti has announced it will make just 50 more cars of its Veyron super sport line
  • Pickup speed 0-300 km/h- 12 sec


Fastest CarsThird on this list is the Swedish car Koenigsegg Agera R with the high speed of 418 km/h. This car is specially designed keeping in mind those people, who love both the snow and speed. This car’s tyres can be replaced with ski boxes for a smooth and steady snow ride. Another great aspect of this car is that it is very light in weight.

  • Price- $ 4.2 million
  • Availability- The company produces only 15 cars in a year
  • Pickup speed 0-300 km/h- 15 sec


Fastest CarsThis car held the title for fastest car from 2007 to 2010 with the top speed of 413 km/h. Its engine is made by Chevrolet. It is still very popular in people for its looks

  • Price-$ 650,000
  • Availability-it is no longer in production
  • Pickup speed 0-300km/h- 14.8 seconds


Fastest CarsThis car comes from the automobile engineering hub country, Germany. It is made by German company Porsche. The best thing about this car, which can hit 413 km/h, is that its interior can be changed according to its owner in the making process.

  • Price- $1.5 million
  • Availability-the company just made 20 cars of this line and will not exceed the number
  • Pickup speed 0-300km/h- 14.8 seconds